Saturday, October 4, 2008

Loss #4: Punisher-class 'Tattoo One'

Same old story here.. almost no targets to be found at my time of night. I wound up wandering over to the Essence region again, and in Aeschee there were a number of pilots - most of which were members of the same corp. Looks like there was to be no hunting here, but I tried anyways. On the scanner, I noticed a Probe-class frigate and began trying to track him down. As I was doing so, a Stabber-class cruiser also appeared on my scanner. I jumped around a bit, trying to figure out where they both were, when the Stabber warped in to my location, piloted by Burn Mac of the Tuskers. Fit with high-tech modules, I decided to give him the fight he was looking for. But fighting a stabber in a Punisher is always the wrong idea, especially against a pilot from a corp I respect like the Tuskers.

The Stabber was too fast for me, even with my MicroWarp drive, and with no room for a stasis web on the Punisher to slow him down, I was unable to keep him in my range, though I have to admit the armor on the Punisher does hold out pretty well. It took longer than I expected for the Tattoo One to explode, which meant I had more time to react, and got my capsule out safely.

I chatted briefly with Burn Mac before departing, and it reaffirmed my respect for the Tuskers. Losing to you guys is almost a pleasure. Almost. Maybe you're next, Wensley..

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Anonymous said...

Bring it on! Hit me up in game and I'm sure I can bring a Rifter along for a little dance :)

Stabbers are pretty much flavour of the month with the Tuskers at the moment. Largely because we all just got T2 medium guns over the course of a week. You should see the number of ships I lost to Burn Mac before we were in the same corp. Leeroying isn't a frame of mind, its a lifestyle choice :)